Even in today’s extremely competitive market, we have come out at the top for providing our clients with excellent services at the most reasonable prices. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of quality without ever compromising on the services we provide.

At J Morris Group, LLC, we understand the role a good roof plays in the structural integrity of any building and we want our customers to have the best homes, which endure all kinds of weather. Our workers have years of experience and are skilled in using a variety of materials and the latest technology to make your home not only safe and stable but also good looking.

Our professionals work closely with you to fully understand your requirements, needs and budget. Based on the information you provide, we come up with an estimate that is tailored for each individual client.

We do lay-overs & tear-offs using all types of shingles, depending on your needs and your price point. From the most basic 3-tab 10-year shingle to the finest architectural shingles available. All shingles have a manufacturer’s warranty.

We do lay-overs & tear-offs using the highest-quality rubber roofing with aluminum coating with many different thicknesses, again, depending on your needs and your price point.

Certainly now that you’re considering your roof now is the best time to check your gutters & downspouts. We are excited to provide you with the best service possible to address your roofing needs.







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